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Subject Missing items?
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  • Date 2016-02-11
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Thank you all for shopping here at STYLENANDA.

We try to satisfy you all as much as possible by providing high quality items, fast shipping and quick inquiry response.


Lately, many of you have been making inquiries about missing items in your parcel.

If you receive the parcel and see few items missing, don't panic, check your shipping status!

We've been shipping orders in separate packages, sending out the ones that are available first.

Some of the most-sold items suffer from stock shortage due to outnumbered purchases.

So those missing items will be shipped shortly as soon as they are back in stock.

You will receive a notification e-mail again when they are shipped out, so please wait patiently as we prepare those items!


We understand that it is quite frustrating when you realize that your items are delayed.

But we don't want to keep you waiting for the entire order when you can already enjoy parts of it!


And oh, no worries about additional shipping cost !

We charge you no extra fees for the second, third or even the fourth shipping :)



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